How It Started

In 1990 Mark Chapman MSc., MBA (Founder) started writing his thesis entitled “The Internet: A Strategic Business Tool” for his Masters of Science. From that point on he was hooked on all things related to the Internet. He has helped business increase their sales via the Internet by over $250M+ and was involved in researching Internet security and data protection having worked on assignments for:

AT&T, Cambridge University, National Computing Centre, Nokia, Defence Research Agency, Avis, JWThompson, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Checkpoint.

In 1996 at the TMA he gave a speech entitled “The Double Encryption Process: A Method To Secure Corporate Data” that showed how to use two encryption standards to exponentially multiply the data protection capabilities of the single encryption standards of the day.

Also in 1996, he had an article published in the Financial Times explaining how to use the Internet to overcome the Y2K issue.

He was a researcher and co-authored “BISS ’98: Business Information Security Survey 1998: The True Cost to Business” and has been advising clients on Internet and data security since the early 90’s.

He has been a contributor to various TV, Radio, Magazine and Newspaper articles around the globe over the past 20 years. He has been a speaker at many seminars and events, has worked in 16 countries and has a global clientele.

He has an MBA from Cardiff Uni and his thesis was entitled “Intranet: The panacea to Chaotic Information Flows” This analysis looked at AT&T through every department and process to investigate and recemmend how Internet technologies could be used to improve business processes.

Throughout his career he has been involved in specifying and writing many contracts including a services supply contract for an organisation valued at more than $1Bn. In 2018 he undertook a law course in Waikato Uni on Business and eCommerce Laws. In 2019 he is starting his Masters of Laws (LLM) in commercial contracts, IP and Corporate Governance.

He has the all round  skills to advise any client on their Data and Privacy laws and compliance.

In the early days as the various surveys were indicating data breaches were starting to increase, the various governments around the world prepared and implemented various Acts to place the responsibility on to the business who stored the data. However, no one expected nor predicted the exponential growth of the Internet and its impact on every person and business. This rendered the Acts woefully inadequate as the Internet has progressed over the past 2 decades with the proliferation of smartphones, social media sites and the complacent approach to the protection of people’s data. We have seen a large escalation of data breaches. You only have to look at the news everyday to see another major company (Facebook, Google, British Airways, Yahoo, etc…) having a data breach and millions of client accounts being hacked and their clients personal data exposed to the hackers.

Various attempts have been tried to develop the laws with amendments to Acts over the years, although the laws are always way behind the technology. In 2014 the European Union stated they will introduce a new law (regulation) for all 28 member states to have a unified approach to data protection. This new law (General Data Protection Regulation: known as GDPR) was developed between 2014 and was signed off in 2016, with its actual commencement and enforcement date being 25th May 2018.

Working With The Team

We have a growing team of GDPR experts and consultants throughout the country who are available to help your business through the complexities of Data Protection, Privacy by Design (art 25).

All our consultants, Data Protection Officers (DPOs) have been trained and follow our 50+ point road-map to GDPR Compliance. We work with our clients and walk you through the process and train your staff on how to protect your business when working with client data. It is a board level responsibility to ensure your business has minimized all risks.